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February 19, 2012

Pamela Holthoefer ...from Warrensburg, our Band Directors Daughter


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Anonymous said...

Drawing a blank...WHO is this? Guess she graduated from high school around 1977-78.

Re: Pamela's memories- who amongst us does not have memories of being uncomfortable or feeling unattractive in the 7th grade? It's a common refrain.

As someone who lied when asked and added 10 lbs to her actual weight in junior high, I cringed when we were publicly weighed in PE class. It's not easier to be tall and skinny in the 7th grade, when we most want to just blend in and not have anyone make a comment. Hope that practice has been discontinued.

For most of us, who we were in the 7th grade is not who we are by the time we graduate high school and get more comfortable in our own skin.

Peace to one and all, including Pamela!