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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Harmon Industries, Shadow Trailer Made in Warrensburg 1970's

Popular Mechanics May 1972 Shadow Harmon Industries

It reads:
Fifth-Wheel Trailers usually hitch onto a pickup-truck cargo bed, but this new Shadow design from Harmon Industries, Warrensburg, Mo. tags onto a passenger-car rooftop. A removable steel plate, bolted to brackets along the roof gutters, take advantage of the roll-resistance built into modern roofs to firmly anchor the trailer hitch. Great maneuverability and easy tow handling are claimed for these rigs. Models of 18, 23, and 27 feet are being produced, and unfinished units are available for extra savings. Shell for the Shadow 18-foot Mini will start at about $1700; price is $6500 for the completed 27-footer fully equipped. Driver reports indicate the design is aerodynamically suitable and does not buffet at speed or in strong winds.


NikiRose said...

I bought one of these Shadow trailers and want to restore it so

If anyone has any information on this company and the shadow trailer I would love to hear from them, PLEASE

NikiRose said...

I just bought a Shadow trailer made by Harmon Industries In Warrensburg MO back in the 70's I would like to restore it but there is just no information out there on this trailer. Who can I contact that might know where I can get some information/history Are there any old employees of this plant etc that would know any bits of information?
I would appreciate ANY help you can give me. Thanks Niki e-mail

Chuck Hambelton said...

Niki, I know nothing, but you might contact They specialize in restoration of vintage trailers and may be of help.

Chuck Hambelton said...

Niki, I know nothing but you might try contacting They specialize in restoration of vintage trailers and might be of help.

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