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May 27, 2012

Johnson County Missouri Civil War Burials Cemeteries

John E. Robinson,  buried in Hocker Cemetery, Johnson Co. Confederate   b. 1841 Johnson Co.  d. 1897 Johnson Co John Robinson served with the MO State Guard in the battles of Carthage, Wilson's Creek, and Lexington.   In Nov. 1861 he entered Confederate service at Price's camp at Oceola.  After fighting at Pea Ridge, his company, in which he was a private, became part of the Fifth MO Infantry, First Brigade.  He saw intense action at Corinth ( where he was wounded), Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Champion Hill, and the Siege of Vicksburg.  After capture and parole, he rejoined Price and was a lieutenant in the Tenth Cavalry under Marmaduke.  He took part in Price's expedition into Missouri. After the war, John Robinson was active in the United Confederate Veterans and in his support of the Conf. Veterans' Home in Higginsville.  The barn he built in 1866 is still standing and in use.Nancy Kendrick, Houston, TX
John William Rothwell, born 25 Apr 1840 north of Knob Noster, Mo; parents came to Johnson County from Albemarle Co, Virginia in 1839. Enlisted in Co H, 2nd Mo Infantry, Confederate Army, killed at Battle of Corinth, Mississippi 4 Oct 1862, burial site unknown.  (My mother's oldest uncle)   H.R. Ficken, Ft Worth, TX
Henry Alexander Neill, born 1828, Lee County, Virginia.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thompson Neill.  Stephen Thompson Neill, a veteran of the War of 1812, brought his family to Lafayette County, Missouri, in the 1830's.  The family farm was located near Higginsville.
Henry Neill was a Lexington attorney prior to the Civil War.  During the Civil War, Henry Neill was Colonel of the 71st Enrolled Missouri Militia which was comprised primarily of soldiers from Lafayette and Saline Counties.  When the 71st EMM was mustered out, Henry Neill became the Colonel of the 5th (Provisional) EMM.  Upon the mustering out of the 5th (Provisional) EMM, Henry Neill became a Major in the 1st MSM Cavalry, serving until March 1865
when he was mustered out.  Henry Neill has a number of dispatches from the field printed in the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion.
After the Civil War, Henry Neill lived in Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri, where he was an attorney.  His next door neighbor in Warrensburg was Confederate Major General Francis Marion Cockrell.  The two "old soldiers" are both buried in the Sunset Hill Cemetery in Warrensburg, Missouri. The Neill Family and Cockrell Family grave sites are next to each other.
Descendants of Henry Neill include the Daniel B. Miles Family, who are now in their fifth generation of continuous ownership of The Clinton Daily Democrat newspaper, Clinton, Missouri.  A great-great-grandson of Henry Neill has a remarkable photograph of Henry Neill in his Union military uniform.  Dan Miles
Clifton Edward Bondurant, buried in Knob Noster Cemetery
He was a private in the 27th Mounted Missouri Infantry at the Battle of Lexington, wounded and captured. Released and promoted to Lieutenant. Then became a Captain in the 5th Provisional Regiment.
I have a book entitled "Johnson County in the Civil War" and it includes him in there as being in charge of Company G of the Fortieth Enrolled Missouri Militia.
Randy Bondurant 

The following Veterans were submitted by Jack Rogers 
McMillen, William   Co. B, 7th MO S.M. Cav 
Crist, Ervin   Co. I, 43rd Ohio Inf 
Wilson, Charles C.   Cpl.  Co. I, 45th MO Inf 
Beard, Robert L.   2 Apr 1828 -28 Nov 1866.  Co. F, 1st KY Cav 
Burgess, Almond L.   1844-1922.  Co. G, 2nd Wisc Cav 
Cole, Benjamin M.   1842-1896.  Co. H, 21st Wisc Inf 
Knaus, John    Co. E, 27th MO Inf 
Palmer, Emmer A   Co. H, 177th Ohio Inf 
Woodmancy, W.   16 Mar 1835 - 5 Dec 1905.  Lieut.  U.S. Soldier 
Sprague, H.H.    Sgt.  Co. A, 2nd MO S.M. Cav 
Adkins, T.B.   Co. K, 2nd MO Light Artillery 
Brown, Louis   Co. A, 52nd U.S.C.T. 
Christon, A.W.   Lieut.   Co. A, 7th Mo S.M. Cav 
Holinstine, A.H.   Co. B, 4th MO S.M. Cav 
Potts, James   Co. G, 7th MO S.M. Cav 
Purcell, A.S.   Sgt.  Co. G, 22nd Ohio Inf 
Rogers, James   Co. G, 7th MO S.M. Cav 
Wells, Lawson   Co. D, 8th U.S.C. Heavy Artillery 
West, Samuel   Co. G, 7th MO S.M. Cav 
Holt, George T.   13 Oct 1841 - 24 Jul 1898.  Co. M, 9th MO S.M. Cav 
Sunset Hill Cemetery. Colburn St. Warrensburg 
Lt J M Smith                  Co I Mo state Militia cavalry 
E.L. Taylor                   Co E. 1st MO. Cavalry 
John Murphy                   Co E. 1st MO. Cavalry 
Cpt Peter Hickey              Co E. 1st MO. Cavalry 
QM Sgt. John Aikins           Co.B 1st MO. Militia Cavalry 
Samuel Davis                  Co.H 1st MO. Militia Cavalry 
Lt J.M.Smith                  Co.I 1st MO. Militia Cavalry 
A.H. Hoehenstine              Co B 4th MO. Militia Cavalry 
G B Bowman                    Co B 5th MO. Militia Cavalry 
Capt. R M Crocker (Cracker)   Co I 6th MO. Militia Cavalry 
John H. McGuire               Co A 7th MO. Militia Cavalry 
E F Vigor or Visor            Co G 7th MO. Militia Cavalry 
Sgt Thomas Evans              Co H 7th MO. Militia Cavalry 
C M Landman                   Co K 7th MO. Militia Cavalry 
Lt. Franklin Pharris          Co C 7th MO. Militia Cavalry 
Patrick Alexander             Co H 7th MO. Militia Cavalry 
Wm T. Lannon                  Co M 12th Provisional Cavalry 
Uriah S Bradley               Co M 12th MO Cavalry 
Joel S Sparks                 2nd Battalion MO State Militia 
Oliver M. Stone               Co H 6th Provisional Enrolled Militia 
Henry Clay Francisco          Co B 6th Infantry CSA 
Cpl George W Huffaker         Co D 15th Infantry 
Conrad Lonn?                  Co C 27th MO Mounted infantry 
GC Lanon or Lannen            Co F 44th Mounted infantry 
Henry M Wade                  Co L 2nd Mo light artillary 
Sgt J L Kinney                Co L 2nd Mo light artillary 
Saundra Koenig 
HOLDEN CEMETERY 1 1/2 mi W. of hwy 131, Holden, MO 
William Haynes                Co B 5th Provisional Enrolled Militia Infantry 
Carroll C Haynes              Co B 5th Provisional Enrolled Militia Infantry 
Musician William Miles        2nd US RG MO infantry 
William C McNary              Co L 4th Mo infantry 
J W Terry                     Co L 4th Mo infantry 
Cpl Hazel Clary               Co F 48th Mo infantry 
Saundra Koenig 
William P HISEY Inf.  Buried Greer-Marr Cemetery, Johnson Co. 
b. 10 Sept., 1845; d. 8 Jan., 1892.  Served Co G, 7th Mo  Gayle Slagell 
Dr. Thomas Jefferson Wright, my great grandfather, was in the Confederate Army Medical section, his two younger brothers also served in Confederate Army;  
George William Wright, was captured and was imprisoned at Camp Morton in Indiana. Indiana. And James Huff Wright, he served in Frank Cockrell's company. They were from  Post Oak Twsp., in Johnson County. At the end of the Civil War a newspaper article appeared in the Warrensburg  paper, listing the Confederate veterans who would be returning to their homes in Johnson County, It very pointedly informed them that they would not be welcome. The names of Thomas Jefferson Wright and James Huff Wright were on that list. Frank H Slaven   Mesa, Arizona

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