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April 5, 2017

1940s Simmons Studio 209 N. Holden - Photographer in Warrensburg, Missouri

Peggy Nuckles Story from Accidental History Blog

Simmons Studio was located on the top floor at 209 N. Holden during the 1940s. For many years, citizens of Warrensburg hired the photographer to record the images or events that were important to them. When the business closed, he left negatives behind that documented life in Warrensburg during that era. 
Seventy years after they were abandoned, the building’s current owner, Ben Pierce, found the negatives and donated them to the Historical Society. We have begun the process of turning these negatives into positives and publishing them online. New pictures will be added frequently. 
Simmons Studio, 209 North Holden, Warrensburg, MO
Does anyone know who the boy is? What about the make, model, and year of the car?
Hopefully, people visiting this blog will find pictures of family members (or maybe themselves.) Please leave comments if you know anything about the pictures you see. Most of them are unlabeled so we could use any help we can get in identifying people or scenes.
This is the only color picture in the collection. It shows just the corner of the building where Simmons Studio was located. You can see the sign hanging above the car. The next door business, Shively’s, is more prominently featured. This building recently housed ‘The Flower Pedlar’ and is currently ‘The Game Place.”

The Simmons family came to Warrensburg about 1945 or 46. The daughter, Shirley Simmons and friend Joann Cross graduated from WHS in 1951 
The boy is her brother, Michael Simmons. Mr. & Mrs. Simmons left Warrensburg and moved to Oklahoma when Shirley was in the 12th grade and she stayed with neighbors here to finish high school. She became a Registered Nurse and lived in Texas.

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