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May 17, 2020

1878 German immigrant, John Werling moves to Johnson County

I found a small envelope in the Simmons Studio collection of negatives marked "Werling;" Inside were negatives that showed this house.

I checked Google maps against all of the Werling addresses contained in the 1948 telephone book
 And the 1961 telephone book.
Wouldn't you know that it would be near the bottom.  The house is at 600 W. Broad - The home of J. M. Werling.

The envelope also contained several pictures of a man standing in a junkyard.
After looking through the Werling family files in the Johnson County Historical Society, I realized what I was looking at.  John M. Werling owned a salvage company in Kansas City as well as R&H Salvage in Warrensburg..

Here's the full story of the Werling family in Warrensburg.
John and Caroline Werling, natives of Germany emigrated to Illinois.  They came to farm in Johnson County, Missouri 1878.

Their children were:
Tracer, dead
Lizzie - married Harvey Eller of Warrensburg.
John H. - born 28 April, 1883 in Warrensburg
Edward - married Clara Pouch
Lawrence - married Mary Pouch

From The Arrow 1952

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