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January 3, 2018

1960 Young man barricaded himself in Cassingham's store and fired at nine officers for more than an hour.

May 30, 1960

Young Farmhand Goes Berserk
WARRENSBURG, Mo. (AP) — A young farmhand fled from a hospital room Sunday, barricaded himself in a sporting goods store and fired at nine officers with three rifles and two shotguns for more than an hour. Fred Herd, 23, was captured after he was overcome by tear gas. No one was hurt in the escapade. Herd's physician examined him afterward and said the man had "totally lost contact." Herd was released from the Warrensburg Medical Center
Warrensburg Medical Center, East Market Street last week after treatment for a mental disorder. He suffered a jaw fracture in a car wreck Friday and was re-turned to the hospital.
Chases Nurses 
Miss Virginia Patterson, assistant hospital administrator, said Herd Sunday afternoon "went berserk and started chasing nurses with a part of a venetian blind. He then ran out of the building. Herd smashed a window of the Cassingham's and Sons sporting goods store 
Cassingham's - North College Street, Warrensburg 
and began shooting into the street and throwing merchandise out the window. Two cars were hit by buckshot and bullets. Lt. C. W. Keith and Trooper George Norwood of the highway patrol fired four tear gas shells into the store, donned gas masks and went in after Herd.

--Note, must commend Trooper Norwood and the other officers for ending this shootout safely, without harming this mentally ill young man.

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