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October 25, 2018

Scholarship Donations Request - for the daughter of a terminally ill Classmate - Warrensburg Missouri

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Requesting donations to a college fund, for the daughter of a terminally ill WHS Classmate from Warrensburg.

We have a wonderful classmate who has now been through four surgeries for a brain tumor and now, after the last surgery, she is not a candidate for any further surgeries for the cancer and she is in a care facility in Grandview receiving palliative care. She has an adoptive daughter from the Ukraine that wants to attend college, Longview Community College, but our classmate is a single mother and with the mounting medical bills and now living in a nursing facility, the funds are not available. Rev. Hubert Neth, as he has done so many times, has been there offering his loving support for our classmate and her daughter. Our great class has stepped up and so far they have donated $3,005.00 and we have one amazing, special classmate that will match dollar for dollar to $5,000.00.

So we are asking if anyone is able to donate any amount to the daughter's college fund. The money will be handled by the daughter's guardian and a financial planner. Gladys, a neighbor in Lee's Summit and former VA nurse whom is retired now, oversees the health care, finances, education loans and living arrangements for our classmate and her daughter. Gladys even worked with our nurse classmate, Kathy Ricker at the VA. Gladys has enlisted help from social workers, physicians, specialists, a lawyer, financial planner and dear Rev. Hubert Neth. 
Our classmate Carolyn, visited with our classmate the other day and reported this, "many times her eyes sparkled and also teared up – she’s well cared for yet has paralysis on her left side and her eyes are crossing which hinders her reading. I brought her a “hello friend” card from our class, put it on the wall of her room and promised her a reunion booklet with pictures on my next visit." (Oct. 24)  Carolyn is also helping with filing applications for financial aid for Marina.
All money will be accounted and handled by a financial planner, to be used only for books, tuition and school needs. 
You can make donations to either myself, Bruce Uhler, class president, via 

paypal to:    

or you can send a donation directly to Gladys, just send an email/or Facebook message to:

Carolyn Watson James:  

and we will provide Glady's address. Carolyn Watson James (913-593-6518) and I are coordinating this with Rev. Neth and Gladys.  We plan to turn over the money to the financial planner on November 4. 
We are so thankful for the donations already received from our class and we thank you for your consideration in this heartbreaking situation. 
Together we can make a difference in a life, thank you and love from The Class of 73.

Here is our classmate's condensed professional bio.
Teva Pharmaceuticals, Allwell Pharma, airPharma, LLC, CyDex, Inc. - Manager of Product Development
Monsanto / Pharmacia
Clinical Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist
Conducted discovery research in glycobiology, inflammation, and ischemia-reperfusion injury, as well as nonclinical pharmacokinetics and metabolism assessments. Served as nonclinical PK representative on COX-2 inhibitor team; conducted first preclinical PK studies that led to selection of blockbuster Celebrex(TM) for clinical development.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Veteran's Administration / Harvard Medical School (Brigham & Women's Hospital)
Conducted postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School / Veterans Administration
Brandeis University
Ph.D. Photobiology
University of Iowa
B.A. Botany
Warrensburg High School

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