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May 1, 2019

1976 Book About Knob Noster History Found in Old City Hall

Naomia Taraba and her husband George owned the Western Auto store in Knob Noster in 1976 when this book was published. Since Naomia (or May May as her brother, Buddy Baker calls her) was a member of the Business and Professional Women's club, she helped sell these books.  
When city workers were cleaning out the old city hall last year, they found an unsold box.  The books have yellowed a little, but they are in unread condition and contain some great information about the history of that little city. If you didn't buy the book back in 1976, you missed your chance to get one for $3.00.  You'll need to go to the Knob Noster city hall and pay $8.00 in cash if you want a copy now.

Advertising on the inside cover helped pay for the printing costs:
May May's copy is signed by the author.  George Taraba, whose hobby was brick collecting, marked the pages that contained information about the city's brick manufacturing plants.

Linda Sue Werner
One of George Taraba's favorite pages

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