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September 18, 2019

The Roach Family - Joseph W. and Grace Joseph M. and Mary Donnie Gary and Robert Warrensburg

Thanks to Sue Volesky, the daughter of Helen Roach Barnett, for providing the family pictures, and additional information about this old Johnson County family.

The First Generation

Joseph W. and Grace Roach

Here is the Roach Family at home.

Note the difference in spelling.  The family picture lists Edyth Roach.  The article below changes the name to the more conventional Edith.
Edith is the sister of Joseph Roach.  Joseph and his descendants are the subjects of this blog.  The above article is an interesting side note, though.
Joseph, Grace and Lucille Roach at their original home in Johnson County.

Joseph W. and Grace Roach with their three children, Joseph Martin, Lucille, and Helen.

The Second Generation

Joseph Martin, Lucille and Helen

Helen Roach was the salutatorian of her graduating class at Farmer's School in 1931.  More information about Helen Roach Barnett and the Barnett Family is here:

Joseph Martin (called Martin) and Mary L. Roach's wedding picture.  Their three sons are pictured below.

The Third Generation

Donnie, Robert, and Gary

Gary S. Roach was the son of Joseph Martin and Mary L. (Spickert) Roach.  This picture was found in the Simmons Studio collection of negatives now in the possession of the Johnson County Historical Society.  It was taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

Donnie and Bobby Roach were Gary's brothers.

As of 2019, Gary lives in Blue Springs and Bob lives in Booneville.  Donnie's widow and daughter still live in Johnson County.

Joseph and Mary were later honored as owners of a Johnson County Century Farm.

The Fourth Generation

Tabitha Roach Allen

Donnie Roach's widow Mona and daughter Tabitha still live in Johnson County.  

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