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October 28, 2013

Battleship Missouri (BB-11) Christened by Warrensburg Native Marion Cockrell Gaullaudet, 1901

FYI USS Missouri BB-11 (the 1st USS Missouri) Christened, Los Angeles Herald, Volume XXIX, Number 87, 27 December 1901
KANSAS CITY, Dec. 26. 1901—The local branch of the American Young People's Christian Temperance union tonight sent a telegram to noted States Senator Cockrell of Warrensburg, Missouri protesting against the use of wine at the christening of the battleship Missouri at Newport News next Saturday. Senator Cockrell's daughter Mrs. Edson Fessenden Gaullaudet, (Marion Cockrell) of Warrensburg. Mo., will christen the Missouri and the Senator will deliver the oration. (The Cockrell’s lived at 206 East Market).

Marion Cockrell's husband........
Edson Fessenden Gaullaudet
In 1923, Gallaudet built the first all-metal aircraft which flew for the first time on June 20, 1923 at Wright Field.
In 1924, Edson Gallaudet retired from the company he had founded. The company assets were acquired by Major Reuben Fleet, who used them as the core around which he founded Consolidated Aircraft Corporation.  
The Consolidated Aircraft Corporation was founded 
in 1923 by Reuben H. Fleet in Buffalo, Ny, the result of the Gallaudet Aircraft Company's liquidation and Fleet's purchase of designs from the Dayton-Wright Corporation as the subsidiary was being closed by its parent corporation, General Mortors Consolidated became famous during the 1920s and 1930s for its line of flying boats The most successful of the Consolidated patrol boats was the PBY Catalina, which was produced 

throughout World War II and used extensively by the Allies. Equally famous is the B-24 Liberator, a heavy bomber which, like the Catalina, saw action in both the Pacific and European theaters.

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