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October 17, 2013

Best Reunion Yet! Warrensburg High Class of 1973 40 year Reunion - Missouri

This was the best reunion we have ever had and it only could have been even better if our missing classmates and teachers could have attended.  Again, thanks to the hardworking reunion committee that took care of every detail to make the event so perfect.  Thanks Carolyn Watson James with your boundless and tireless energy kept all of us on track.  Carol Dunham made the great arrangements with our venue "Traditions", she and Scott had beautiful large banners and signs made for inside and outside the facility. Janice Hale and her superb information compilation of all responding classmates, she was making changes just hours before the event due to last minute replies!  David Andrew handled the collections and payments for us and we thank him and Quarry City Savings and Loan for their help.  Thanks Carolyn James, Carol Dunham, Kathy Ricker, Randy Rusch, Joyce Huffman, Debbie Riddle, and for the pre-reunion cookouts at Randy VanWey's.

Janice Hale, Warrensburg, MO

Carl Carter and Larry Brown, Warrensburg, MO Class Reunion

David Andrew, Carolyn Watson, Tom White
Janice Hale, Carolyn Watson, Joyce Jaeger

Scott Dunham, Randy VanWey, Debbie Coleman Riddle, Terri Owens, Llewellen VanWey, Randy Morre
Jay Gray, Kenny Smarr
Loretta Sampson, Jay Gray, Kenny Smarr
J. T. McGeen, Dr. Dan Smith, Terry Neal

Warrensburg, Missouri Summer Baseball "Lions"
Back Row, Earl Uhler, Mr. Jeffreys
Front Row from left, Bruce Uhler, Scott Dunham, ???, ???, Mike Chasar, Jim Livengood, Bob Bird, David Andrew, Mike Jeffreys, Allen Yankee, Charles Bradley

The reunion started with 46 attendees getting together at the Warrensburg "Burgfest" on Friday night September 27. Not only did we get to mingle within our attendees we also saw many other friends from other classes who were also attending. The three bands that played in the evening were all extremely talented and enjoyable with the Nace Brothers heading the show. A lot of pictures were taken and they will be posted here and many are already on the Facebook event page. Facebook Pictures of the Reunion

Over 70 People Attended
Roger Dick 2

Kenny Smarr 2

Nancy Myers 2
Randy VanWey 2
Scott Dunham 2
Nancy McDow 2
Dale Parsons 2
Randy Rusch 2
Jim Dahman 2
Tom Morehead 2
Mary Howard 2
Marvin Slim Coleman 2
Janis Gregg 2
Doug Sampson 2
Sarah McDaniel 2
James Cameron 1
Terry Neal 2
Theresa Green Tuter 1
Kathy Ricker Paine 2
Teri Windler 2
John Culp 2
Debbie Riddle 2
Nancy Hudson 2
Tom White 1
David Andrew 2
Dr. Dan Smith 1
Becky Bowland 2
David Harness 2
Larry Brown 1
Jay Gray 2
Joyce Huffman 1
Jim Livengood 2
Janice Hale 1
Beth, Kevin Cavanaugh 2
Mike Freer 1
Charley Bradley 1
Tom Holmes 2
Bruce Uhler and photographer guest 1
Carl Carter 2
Carolyn James 2
David White 1
Jimmy Cameron
Randy Moore
JT. McGee
Craig and Sherry Hibdon came with door prizes from the Warrensburg Alumni Foundation

Warrensburg Class 
of 1973 
40 Year

Saturday September 28, 2013
Reception, Dinner at 6pm 
Mingle until 1am
University of Central Missouri "Traditions" at Pertle Springs 

Thanks to

Quarry City Savings and Loan
David Andrew, Class of 73 Reunion
PO Box 7
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Teachers Attending were
Emerson Smith
Coach John Culp
Coach Jim Dahman
Ruth Smith
Margie Warnick

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