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March 28, 2016

1857 June 25 Slaves Owned by Candidates for Governor and Newspaper Editors in Missouri

Glasgow Weekly Times  June 25, 1857

From the Statesman. The Anti-Benton Editors and their Candidate—The number of "Nig…." they own—Read the Inventory —and think of it!

The Warrensburg Signal of the 14th of May, very truthfully and appropriately said: "The barking against Maj. Rollins has commenced, and they will keep it up; they will make him an abolitionist before the canvass is over notwithstanding the Major was born and raised in a slave State, and owns slaves, while Col. Stewart, who is a New York Yankee, they swear is as sound as Akers, Woodson or Maj. Holden. We have no doubt if the truth were known Maj. Rollins has more slaves than the whole Anti-Benton Press in this State." Well, the truth is known, and the slave holders of Missouri ought to know what it is. It is even worse than the Signal supposed it. For years and years, as the people of this State well know, the editors or the anti-Benton party have claimed to be intensely sound on the "nig…" question. They and their party and their party candidates have set themselves up as the peculiar defenders and protectors of the institution. They have denounced all others as unsound; as Freesoilers, Abolitionists and emancipationists; as unworthy of the confidence of the Southern people. The "nig…" question has been their meat and their drink, and the wolf-howl of Abolitionism their stock in trade. It has constituted the warp and woof of all their political speeches and editorials. Without it, they would have long since died the death of the ridiculous, and gone down to merited oblivion. With it, oblivion has been robbed of its prey; and the people of the State cursed with to cease-less slavery agitation, and with misrule beyond a parallel in history. Add caption

Claiming to be par excellence the friends of the slaveholder, the anti-Benton editors , and their candidate, Col. Stewart. call upon the slaveholders of Missouri, call upon the emigrants from Kentucky, from Virginia, from Tennessee, and from other slave States to confide exclusively to their hands the protection of the slavery interest. They alone, it is arrogantly pretended, are fit to be trusted. The Americans. Whigs and Benton Democrats are unsound, are Freesoilers, and have so little interest in the institution or slavery that they wish to sweep it from the State, greatly to the prejudice of these anti-Benton editors. Maj. Rollins, a Southern man by birth and a large slaveholder, is, according to their lying logic, an Abolitionist; while Col. Stewart, a New York Yankee, with not a "nig---" to his name, is just the man for slaveholders to support with a whoop and a hurrah! As these editors and their candidate make such a clamor about the "nig----," and to be so intensely "sound on the goose," we have thought it legitimate and proper to enquire what personal interest they and their candidate have in the institution. From the noise they make in regard to it, those not "up to snuff" would very naturally suppose they owned all the "nig----" in the country, or at least were large slaveholders, while Maj. Rollins had comparatively no interest in the question.—But it turns out upon reliable information which we have taken the trouble to collect, that Rollins owns ten times more 'nig----" than all the anti-Benton editors in the Slate put together, with their candidate thrown in! We have collected from sources entirely reliable an inventory of their slave property, and, in view of the eternal clamor they snake about the"nig----," we call attention to the number they own, as follows:

Major JAMES S. Rollins, Independent candidate for Governor, born and raised in a Slave State, owns,.............. thirty.
ROBERT M. STEWART. anti-Benton Locofoco, candidate, and a New York Yankee, owns............ none. 
Anti-Benton Locofoco Editors. 
Editor Warrensburg Missourian owns none. 
" Carrollton Democrat • none. 
" St. Louis Leader • none. 
" Brunswick Gazette •  none. 
" Springfield Advertiser • none.
" Memphis Journal • none. 
" Kirksville Enterprise • one
" Mt. Vernon Register • none. 
" Neosho Chief • none. 
" Troy Advocate • none. 
" Lexington Expositor • none. 
" Bloomington Messenger • two. 
" Chillicothe Chronicle • none. 
" Canton Reporter • none. 
" Jefferson Examiner •  none. 
" Fayette Banner • none
" Independence Dispatch • one. 
" Weston Argus • none. 
" Cape Girardeau Democrat • none. 
" Ste. Genevieve Independent •  none. 
" Parkville Democrat • none. 
" St. Joseph Gazette •  none.  
" Columbia Democrat •  none. 
" Bolivar Courier • none. 
" Huntsville Citizen • none. 
" Kansas City Enterprise • none.
" Warsaw Democrat not heard from 
Thus showing that the whole anti-Benton editorial fraternity of the State, with Colonel STEWART thrown its, owns but three "nig---s!" Yet these are the larks who implore the slaveholders of this State to entrust exclusively to them, and to their 'Yankee candidate, the control and management of that interest! And these are the larks, too, who, with their three "piccaninnies" on their platform and with unexampled impudence in their mouths, daily denounce ROLLINS as an abolitionist and Free-soiler, while ROLLINS has ten times as many'-nig---s" to loose by abolition as the whole of them put together!! Yet Rollins cannot be trusted and they can! Rollins with his thirty "nig---s" is an Abolitionist, Stewart with "nary" one, and his twenty-six editors with only three, are the very men for slaveholders to pin their faith to!! Will they pin it there?

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