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February 6, 2009

Southeast Elementary Warrensburg, Missouri 3rd Grade - Mrs. Clark 1963

Row 1 Kenny Smarr, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Burrington, Jim Postelwait, ?, Coach Larson, Mrs. Larson, ?, Paul McClellan
Row 2 Lori Reynolds?, Jimmy Cameron, Judy Thacker, Lori Clear, Martin Robbins, Rhonda Wilson
Row 3 James Marcellus,? Janie Gregg, Gail Fisher, ?, Bruce
Row 4 Aaron Collet, Becky Greeson, ? Charley Bradley, Beverly Boin, Linda Medlin, Rodney Quick
Row 5 ?, Marti Lederer, Becky Hensley, Terie Pearson
Can you identify anyone here?
Click on it for a bigger view.
Can you identify anyone?


Anonymous said...

I see Janis Gregg, Gail Fisher, Becky Greeson, Marti Lederer and Teri Pearson for sure. I think Judy Thacker and Charlie Bradley are there, too. That's my best guess, Carolyn

Bruce Uhler said...

Good job, you are right...