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December 29, 2019

1868 Blackwater River Ferry Crossing North of Knob Noster - Noah Bides Operator

Story by Peggy Nuckles

1868 Ferry Rates Over the Blackwater River 
North of Knob Noster

Johnson County, MO
On the Georgetown-Lexington Road near Dunksburg, crossing Blackwater River. 
The ferry crossing on the Blackwater near Dunksburg (North of Knob Noster) would have looked similar to this.
In 1868, Noah Bides had a Ferry License over the Blackwater River near Dunksburg. Just 14 miles North of Knob Noster, just inside Johnson County. This is only seven years after the Battle of Blackwater nearby. 
The rates were as follows: 
Man and Horse 25 cents
Two Horses and wagon 50 cents
Four Horses and wagon 75 cents
Horse and buggy 35 cents
One Footman 10 cents
Stock 5 cents per head

These fares were found in the personal belongings of Dunksburg's Dr. Tyler and submitted to the JOCOMO Historical Society by Mary Van Bibber in 1972.
The Crossing would have been close to this point of NE 1075th Rd. West of Dunksburg Road
This capture of southern soldiers NW of Knob Noster, NE of Warrensburg was the largest to ever take place during the Civil War in Missouri. These raw recruits were headed for "Price's Army." Reports differ as to the actual number of prisoners taken that December 1861, day, some say 600, other states over 1300. Joanne Eakin has compiled a list of 736 men from National Archives files. 
Missouri's importance has been greatly overlooked by many when it comes to its role in the Civil War when at the start of the war most of the fighting actually happened here. In 1861, of the 157 engagements and battles listed in the Army Register, 66 were in Missouri (over 42%), 31 in VA, 28 in WV, 13 in KY, and the other 19 among NM, FL, TN, SC, MD, NC, and TX. Missouri saw more action than VA and WV combined in 1861.

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Unknown said...

I am very interested in the Civil war history around Knobnoster, Warrensburg and the surrounding area.When I lived here in the 70's I didn't know of all the history.