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March 19, 2017

1959 Mrs. Lee Hall Owner Skelgas Lee Hall Mgr.

Story by Peggy Nuckles.

There's a little mystery about this picture:

This picture, developed from the Simmons Studio collection of negatives, is apparently an appliance business run by Cora and Lee Hall. The window display is various types of faucets and the lettering above it advertises another business that the couple owned - C & L Plumbing.

I found ads in the yellow pages starting in 1959 for C & L Plumbing:

They continued until 1967:

I assume he retired after that. Mr. Hall was an older man when he started the business. He retired from the post office in 1958, the year before he opened his plumbing business.
Here's the Halls when they celebrated their 60th.
They were married in 1914.

Here's her obituary. I don't know if you can see it very well, but the dates are interesting. Cora Emerson was fifteen years old when she married Lee Hall. Lee died in 1982, two days after their 68th wedding anniversary. They had three daughters to help them celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary - but, tragically, it says here that she also had three sons who proceeded her in death.

The mystery that I mentioned earlier is that I can't find anything about a Skelgas appliance store at 111 E. Pine street - not in the yellow pages or in the Historical Society Files.

If you remember the store or have any memories you'd like to share about the Halls, please leave comments at the bottom of this page.


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