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May 3, 2017

1908 Nine Killed - Fifty Injured 2 Miles East of Knob Noster When Two Fast Passenger Trains Collide

Fast Passenger Trains on Missouri Pacific Collide Near Knobnoster. Mo.

Change of orders likely cause of the disaster of Passengers Have Wonderful Escapes From What Seemed Certain Death. 

KNOBNOSTER, Mo., July 2. The fast California special train from St. Louis on the Missouri Pacific railroad collided with the equally fast St. Louis train from Kansas City, two miles east of here at 5:30 o'clock this morning. 

Nine persons were killed, all on the train from Kansas City, and at least fifty injured. 


MICHAEL J. BURKE, lineman for Western Union Telegraph company, 28 years old. Poplar Bluff. Mo. 
S. R. ENGLISH, lumberman, Olean, MO representative of Miller county. 
FRED STORY, lineman Western Union Telegraph company, Franklin, KY. 
W. J. FRISBIE, St. Louis, salesman for Roberts. Rand Shoe company. 
JOHN HOOD. Hurley, Mo., lineman. 
W. H. HARDING, negro mail clerk, St. Louis. Mo. 
BAGGAGEMAN CAMPBELL and two assistants. 
Partial List of Injured. 
Mrs. William Hornbeak, Washington to Pleasant Hill, Mo., bruised. 
Mrs. W. A. Little. Washington to Wallace, Idaho, slight injuries. 
Miss Nannie Fisher, Danville, Ill., to Denver nervous shock. 
Fred Tretaway, Parsons, Pa., to Hoisington, Kas, nervous shock. 
Mrs. J. A Endress, Leavenworth to St. Louis, thigh injured. 
Agnes Ruport, Roswell, N, M., to Marion, Ill., bruised arm. 
Josie Vireling. Roswell, N. M, to Marion, Ill., head cut.
Mo. Pacific Wreck Knobnoster, MO July 2, 1908
Trains Meet at Full Speed.
Both trains were going at full speed. The California special left St. Louis on time last night, carrying five cars, including two mail cars. Tho train from Kansas City was held two hours to await two cars of discharged soldiers "From Fort Leavenworth. This train carried eight cars.
Also Called the LaMonte train wreck 1908
A. Strang, train dispatcher at Sedalia, issued en order for the trains to meet at Knobnoster.
Missouri Pacific Train Depot, Sedalia, Mo

Missouri Pacific Train Depot, Sedalia, MO

Missouri Pacific Train Depot, Sedalia, MO

Later this order was changed and the meeting place at Lamonte, seven miles east of here. Whether the dispatcher at Sedalia failed to deliver the train order to the crew of the St. Louis train or the operator at Lamonte erred in not flagging the train, is a matter for official inquiry.

Both engineers reversed their engines and jumped. (as trained). 

The impact of the two engines threw both of the engines off the track. The cars piled upon the wreckage, four cars on the St. Louis train and three cars on the train from Kansas City leaving the rails. J. E. Snediker, superintendent of the Missouri Pacific at Ossawatomie, Kas., was a passenger on the train from St. Louis. Wrecking trains were ordered from Sedalia and Kansas City. The injured were taken to Sedalia. 

Wreck on Mo. Pac. at Knob Noster One of the Worst in History of the Road. 

7 Dead 35 Injured

Two Missouri Pacific trains, met in a head on collision Thursday morning one and a half miles east of Knob Noster make it one of the most disastrous wrecks in the history of the road. The dead number seven and the injured thirty-five, of whom it is thought several will die.

One Bates County man, Carl Snead of Hume, had his left leg injured. The cause of the wreck is said to be the misunderstanding of orders by one of the train crews. The trains were No. 3 and No. 12 and were running at a high rate of speed when they met. Both trains were badly damaged. The dead were taken to Knob Noster and the injured to the Katy hospital at Sedalia.

Mo. Pacific Depot, Knob Noster, MO 1914

Knob Noster Train Wreck

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