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June 21, 2017

1890 Building at 305-307 N. Holden St., Warrensburg, MO

The building at 305-307 N. Holden St. was built in the 1890s.  One source says 1890; another says 1895. Either way, it is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Warrensburg. It is older than the three story MasonicTemple that adjoins its south side but its facade is is much better condition. The two-story two-part commercial block has brick cladding and a flat roof.
                       307 North Holden                                        305 North Holden

A corbelled brick parapet with stone coping caps the building; One-over-one double-hung vinyl windows with stone lintels and sills fill the second story bays. 

Stone piers frame the east (street) side.

The building’s street side has six bays. The south half of the building (305 N. Holden) has three bays; the second-story fenestration defines the bays.

Fluted wood columns frame the first story. Three display windows and a vinyl door with a glazed transom fill the wood-paneled storefront; a glazed vinyl door in a recessed opening south of the storefront accesses the second story. A fabric awning shades the first story.

Businesses housed in this building included a dry goods store (1895), Shepard’s Dry Goods (1932-1972) at 303-305 N. Holden, and Warrensburg Auto Supply (1952-1980).  Brick corbels ornament the first story.

One-over-one double-hung vinyl windows with simulated muntin grids and stone lintels and sills fill the center and north bay.

Things you will live and die without ever knowing unless you read stuff like this - this window has a muntin grid.

Businesses housed in the 307 address included the Shryack and Co General Store (1895), McMeekin Furniture (1958-1967), and Farmers Insurance (1972).

Interior of Cahill and Sweeney in Chilhowee, MO

An iron plate at the base of the column that butts up against the Masonic Temple.

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