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November 1, 2017

1947 Leland and Dorothy Fox Are Married - Fox Appliance Warrensburg

By Peggy Nuckles
I found these pictures in the Simmons Studio collection of negatives at the Johnson County Historical Society.
 These are pictures of Leland and Dorothy Fox taken around the time of their wedding on July 7, 1947

Dorothy grew up just south of town.and went to Warrensburg High School. Leland grew up in Fayetteville and went to Farmer's school.
The picture that they had reprinted for their 40th anniversary was apparently once part of the Simmon's Studio set but I didn't find that particular negative in the envelope.
They are the famous Fox Appliance couple that ran family pictures in their Daily Star Journal Ads for years.
You got to watch their children grow up and them grow older.
Until they retired

Then Leland passed away.
Leland's mother Bertha Fox lived into her 90s
Dorothy and Leland's children started businesses of their own.

And got married and raised families.

And the next generation...
Dorothy Fox currently (November 2017) lives in an apartment in Harmony Gardens in Warrensburg.

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