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January 4, 2018

1940 - 1950s Werling and Unknown Photographs of Adults and Children's Portraits

By Peggy Nuckles
I found this envelope in the Simmons Studio collection of negatives at the Johnson County Historical Society.

It contained a lot of portraits of adult men and two children. I guessed that the men were  employees at one of the many Werling businesses around town in the '40s and '50s

I showed the pictures to my resident historian, Buddy Baker to see if he could identify any of them.  He knew the first person very well

Buddy:  "That's my brother, Bill Baker.  He didn't work for the Werlings. He sold insurance.

However, he didn't know any of the other people pictured below.  It's possible that, many years ago, these pictures were shoved into the nearest envelope to keep them clean and off the floor.

If you recognize any of these people, please leave a note in the comments section.


Sue Nuckles said...

Take the pics to the senior center and the nursing homes. You'll find somebody that recognizes them.

Anonymous said...

Well the last guy is wearing a mechanic shirt with the International Harvester logo and his name embroidered on the right. That could help identify him anyway.