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January 23, 2018

1907 H. L. Leroy from Holden MO found Dead in Sacramento CA as H. L. Lain

Sacramento Union, Number 178, 18 February 1907 

BODY IDENTIFIED BY DR. DILLE H, L, Leroy Name of Man Who Died in Hotel —Disappeared From Missouri Home —Went Under Name of Lain.
The mystery that has surrounded the death of H. L. Lain, the stranger who died unattended last Friday in a room at the Western hotel, has been cleared In part and It is now known that Leroy --not Lain--was his true name and that his home was In Holden,Johnson county, Missouri, from which place he suddenly disappeared two months ago and all efforts of his family lo locate him proved uaeless. Rev. E. R Dille, the noted Oakland preacher, came to this city Saturday and identified the body as that of H. L. Leroy, a cousin of his (Dr. Dille’s) wife. Three months ago Leroy left his home suddenly and since that time his wife and family have not given up efforts to find him; though it was feared he had met with foul play. He was a promliient citizen of Holden and was a member of the order as well as of the Odd Fellows and Knights Templar. When the report of the death of H. L. Lain was sent out from this city Mrs. Dille saw the account and noticed that the Initials, “H. L, L.," were the same as those of her missing cousin. She prevailed upon Dr. Dille to come to Sacramento to view the remains. He came as stated and has made a positive Identification. Coroner Gormley held an inquest over the remains last Saturday night and the jury found that the deceased came by his death from alcoholism. When in this city Dr. Dille said Leroy was not a drinking man and he has requested that an autopsy be held to determine the cause of death, which he feels certain was not from an overindulgence of liquor. The jury in taking the evidence in the case was shown a bottle of whisky that was found in Leroy's room and they jumped to the conclusion that he had drank himself to death. Leroy's movements from the time he left his home until he came to this city two weeks ago from Loyalton Is still a His object in leaving home is not known, and it Is stated that his business affairs are not tangled. It is thought that he was mentally deranged at the time of his departure from home. Deputy Coroner F. T. Clippa stated that the autopsy will be held to day and at the conclusion of the examination the body will be prepared for shipment to Holden, Missouri, where it wlll be interred in the family plot, Leroy Is survived by his widow and two children.

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