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April 4, 2018

2006 - Calendar - Warrensburg High School Art Club Calendar

Thank you to these wonderful, talented artists, their amazing instructors Guy Albert, Dennis Helsel, Jason Meyer and John Willard. Thanks  to the Club Officers; Lauren Willard, Amber Sullivan, Justine Harris, Chelsea Abney and Haley Almeida.
Special thanks to Carolyn Watson James (class of 73) for collecting these pictures recently, what a treasure.

Brianne Edwards

Temerity Matthews

Katie Martin

Jill Crandall

Natasha Petentier

Andrew Frazier

Jeremiah Johnson

Lauren Willard

Megan Hughes

Taylor Dyer

Jennae Pero

Nathan Hensley
Amber Sullivan

Hannah Kiersey

Incredible work, great history preserved. 
We are indebted to all of you.

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