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October 23, 2018

1917 Johnson County and Area Men Selected for Military Service

The Windsor Review
Windsor, Missouri

Thu, Aug 23, 1917 
Johnson County Missouri Accepted for Military Service 1917

Johnson County Has Called 590 Out of Which to Get Her Quota of 177 Men.

SECOND CALL IS FOR 200 Out of the 390 Johnson county boys brought before the local exemption board, 121 have been recommended to the district board as fit for service. This number does not include any who have made affidavit for exemption, but only those who have successfully passed the physical examination and who have not made affidavits, says the Warrensburg Star-Journal. 

The local board has notified 200 more boys on the draft list to appear before the exemption board for examination. This will bring, the total number called before the board to 590. The examinations for these last 200 will be divided into two days. 4 The first 100 will appear Thursday, August August 23, and the remaining 100 on Friday, August 24. This does not mean that all of these additional 200 boys will be called for service in the first draft if they successfully successfully pass the examination. But in case all or most of the exemptions now in are. accepted, then as many of the 200 as will be required to bring the quota to 177 men will be taken.

The list of those certified to the district board as fit for service follows follows : 
Accepted For Service

George B Dillon. Holden

Hugh Lafferty, Holden

John A Bellman, Holden

Fred B House, Knob Noster

Mathias H Burch, Holden

Luther J Eller, Warrensburg

Asa C Hamlin, Kingsville

R R Borgstadt, Concordia

W C Lee, Holden

G M Cowan, Warrensburg

Lifus E Lamb, Fayetteville

Pat Blum, Knob Noster

W McConaughay, Warrensburg

Horace A King, Leeton

H G Facker. Holden

Simon Blessenger, Centerview

H M Colster, Centerview

J II Kirk, Warrensburg

E A Wertz, Leeton

J R Houx, Centerview

Estel Mifflin, Warrensburg

TK Barkhurst, Warrensburg

W Lyle, Knob Noster

Roy B Conrad, Centerview

Carl Mullis, Montserrat

C F Wilcoxen, Columbus

R V Kelley, Centerview

J F Wall, Jr., Windsor

F T Moriarty, Warensburg

J Hunley, Warrensburg

R E Bradburry, Pittsville

E E Wampler, Knob Noster

C J Mather, Warrensburg

R C Brown, Holden

H R Haun, Holden 

Misty Ogan Haun I found this photo in my father in laws belongings and it matches the information in this post. At the bottom of the photo it reads Johnson County Quota to Camp Funston. September 21, 1917
My husband’s great grandfather HR Haun is in the photo.

H II Hampton, Pittsville

F G Lockard, Warrensburg

Paul Sutton, Kingsville

V O Bowden, Holden

J B Ebersole, Windsor

Clay Branch, Kingsville

J R Wilkins, Knob Noster

E Williamson, Columbus

C E Thompson, Knob Noster

O K Whittenberg, Holden

J S Taylor. Knob Noster

N W Bowens, Warrensburg

E L McNeel, Odessa

P C Grader, Kingsville

C R Best, Chilhowee

E S Coe, Chilhowee

J Williams, Leeton

J E Bailey, Centerview

R E Stark, Centerview

Vernice Huff, Warrensburg

R W Wilkerson, Centerview

S J Love, Warrensburg

C V Hyder, Centerview

J A Slifer, Chilhowee

R D Erwin, Holden

R O Delaney, Centerview

Bert Flora, Kingsville

H R Butcher, Chilhowee

B H Rich. Holden

R L Caldwell, Knob Noster

C O Duncan, Kingsville

W M Taylor, Warrensburg

L R Froeschle, Higginsville

Vernis Evans, Warrensburg

Oliver Thistle, Holden

Ralph M Miller, Leeton

John L Barkley, Blairstown (Quick City) Medal of Honor

Cpl. John Lewis Barkley

W L Benton, Knob Noster

Claude Carey, Holden

B R Evans, Post Oak

F W Peery, Knob Noster

H D Shyrack, Warrensburg

C Morris, Kingsville

C W A Ikenberry, Leeton

G V Young, Fayetteville

R W Kinyon, Holden

D R Dunham, Holden

J E Meyers, Warrensburg

W A Bloch, Holden

C A Morgan, Windsor

A Steele, Warrensburg

W A Breckhoff, Concordia

G F Haymaker, Warrensburg

Lucian Hunter, Centerview

Ray Bennett, Centerview

R J Fitterling, Warrensburg

A C Owings. Warrensburg

C W Sparks, Warrensburg

(Notice sent to above August 15)

(Notice sent following August 17)

C Harrison, Wbg

D L Kelley, Holden

E O Borgstadt, Concordia

Jasper 'Amer, Odessa

G C Boston, Holden

J Clifford, Warrensburg

W H Collins, Aullville

J J Fitten, Holden

P G Frerking, Aullville

G C O'onnor, Warrensburg

O H Lohman, Knob Noster

M J Meyer, Knob Noster

H Halley, Warrensburg

L Royse, Holden

John Alkire, Warrensburg

(Following notified Aug. 20.)
H C Goles, Wbg

O G Harrison, Aullville

L G Maloney, Kingsville

M A Sheridan, Montserrat

W L Lipscomb, Knob Noster

Wallace Paul, Holden

S E Hanna, Montserrat

H L Lipscomb, Warrensburg

C W Atkins, Holden

O W Munday, Holden

R E Stewart, Holden

U G Hammond, Warrensburg

A P Latimer, Holden

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