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November 1, 2012

January 12, 1861 Post Office Robbery, Warrensburg, Johnson County Missouri

Two Post Office Robberies In Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri 1861

Suspects named:
S. C. Williams, S. E. Jones, Phill Anderson, M. C. Clark, Higgins,O. A. Waddell, John Washington, Wm. H. McCown, Eugene Stigar, John Anderson and J. A. McCarty.

Warrensburg Missouri Jan. 12, 1862
I certify on oath of office, that I can identify S. C Williams, S.E. Jones, Phill Anderson, M.C. Clarke, & Higgins as being the persons who robbed the mail at my office on the 23 Day of August 1861. 
Also on Aug 30th O.A. Waddell, Phill Anderson and John Washington, also the day Price's Army left Warrensburg date not remembered. I certify under oath of office the Post Office at this place was robbed by W.C. McCown, Eugence Stigar, John Anderson, and J. A. McCarty.
M. H. Heath?, P.M.

James R. Baker Jr.

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