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February 10, 2013

Alexander "Alex" Samuel Nassif, Maybe Warrensburg's Greatest Benefactor

Alexander S Nassif
Johnson County, Missouri
Enlistment Date: September 29, 1942
Branch: Branch Immaterial or General Officers
Rank: Private
Race: White
Birth Year 1899
Place of Birth: Syria
Height: 67”
Weight: 148
Civilian Occupation: Shoe repairmen and shoemakers, not in factory
Alex Nassif, New York Shoe Shop, Warrensburg, Missouri
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Education: Grammar School
Citizenship Status: US Citizen
Enlistment Location: Jefferson Barracks
Enlistment Term: Enlistment for duration of War plus six months
Army Serial Number: 37388276

Alex S. Nassif, Warrensburg, MO 2016

Not much is really known of Alex. But Alex was arguably Warrensburg's greatest benefactor.  He worked with enthusiasm, passion and he worked very hard everyday, saved every penny he could and when he passed away quietly and alone, Alex gave every penny he earned to the City of Warrensburg. This was his gift as a final thank you for the love and hospitality he found in our Warrensburg.  There are thousand's of people who have made a great living and wages from the Warrensburg community and never gave much back in return.  Alex gave 100% of his life's savings to the City of Warrensburg. How many lives did he positively affect with his own, unselfish giving.  When Alex passed away and the city received the funds from his estate.  The money was used primarily to build a swimming pool and recreation center for the Warrensburg Community Center, the Nassif Aquatic Center, in Grover Park next door to the Marvin Buford, Sr., little league baseball field. Because the swimming was built, a skate park and then city multipurpose facility, one of the finest facilities of its kind in the country for a city the size of Warrensburg.  There is also an education fund that was setup from his bequeath.

Alex S Nassif Perpetual Educational Fund Warrensburg, Missouri

Nassif pool, Warrensburg, MO  
Alex was not a banker, a professor, a merchant, a doctor or a lawyer. He was a shoeman, a cobbler and a great one and proud of at that! He lived inside his tiny shoe repair shop at 206 South Holden street and it can also be said that he probably baked the best bread that Warrensburg ever produced. If you were lucky enough to have met Alex's acquaintance, he would gladly you give to you one of his loaves of bread, Lebanese home baked bread and it was delicious.
Alex was in the United States Army in World War I and was a member of the American Legion in Warrensburg.
Alex was born in Syria-Lebanon in 1899.
In the 1940 census he lived at 318 Christopher Street and then later moved to 206 South Holden where he lived and had Alex's Shoe Repair. He lived in the back of his shoe shop behind a drawn curtain. He was very friendly and happy to all his visitors. Our family thinks he was a Lebanese Christian of the Greek Orthodox faith, but not for sure........

Name Alex Nassif  (Aleck also)
Find Alex Nassif Death Records
Social Security Number (SSN)
Age at Death 79
Date of Birth December 26, 1899
Date of Death January 01, 1979

Warrensburg, MO 64093

Phone: 660-747-7178

Memorial Day-Labor Day: Open daily, 1-7 p.m.
Latitude: 38° 45' 58"

Longitude: -93° 43' 49"

Nassif Aquatic Center is located in Grover Memorial Park, Warrensburg. Open Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. It offers fun for everyone. The amenities include a lazy river, slide, diving board and play structure for children. For pricing and hours, contact Warrensburg Parks and Recreation at 660-747-7178.
Nassif Aquatic Center Video Link Digitalburg

   There’s no better way to kick the summer heat than by laying around in a refreshing pool. For the most people in the Warrensburg area, Nassif Aquatic Center is a popular new place to take a swim.
    Nassif opened this summer, complete with a lazy river, a kiddy water park, a full size swimming area, a diving board, and a slide. The pool is open weekdays 7am to 7pm, and weekends 12pm to 7pm with admission prices ranging from $2 - $5.
    Even though the pool is new, it still has its flaws. One of the more common complaints is that the lazy river is extremely packed and there are not enough tubes. It is also difficult to navigate through the crowds of people packed in like sardines. The tanning chairs are scarce, to say the least, and the swimwear issue is being addressed by cracking down on some new rules. Ladies: there is such a thing as too much skin. Men: no Speedos please - there are children present.
    Despite a few early development flaws, the pool is a fun place to chill out on a hot day. If you haven’t been, grab a swimming buddy and check it out. But hurry, summer is coming to a close.

Warrensburg Skate Park - Adjacent to Nassif
Video Link Warrensburg Skate Park Adjacent to Nassif Aquatic Center
Warrensburg Community Center
445 E. Gay Street
Need to stay in shape while you're visiting? Do the kids need to burn off a little energy? This is the place to go! This beautiful 52,000 square foot facility is located in the heart of the Warrensburg community. The center has three swimming pools including a spa, lap, and zero depth entry pool and is home to a walking track, weight room, gymnasium, game room, arts and crafts room, meeting rooms and the Warrensburg Senior Center.

Nassif Aquatic Center
445 E. Gay St.

The coolest place to be when the weather's hot!  Come out for a day of fun with a lap pool, slide and diving board, spray ground and lazy river.  Party packages available!

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