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November 26, 2013

Old Pictures of Downtown "New Town" in Warrensburg, Missouri

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ca. 1910  Downtown Warrensburg, MO South Holden Street
Lamy Overall Factory Warrensburg, MO
1950 ca  West Pine Street, Warrensburg, MO  Vernaz, Buente Brothers, Foster's Mattingly
Burchfield Music House Band, Warrensburg, MO
1920 ca West Pine Street, Warrensburg, MO Cows
1881 West Pine Street, Warrensburg, MO 
1890 ca Pictures Warrensburg Ice Company, Magnolia Mills,  Pertle Springs Water Works, Electric Light Plant
1950 ca North Holden Street, Warrensburg, MO
1920 ca Magnolia Opera House, Warrensburg, MO  Buggies, Studebaker

1920 ca Mules, West Pine Street, Warrensburg, MO
1900 North Holden Street, Warrensburg, MO
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MoPac Train Station Warrensburg, Mo circa 1920

Missouri Pacific MoPac Train Station circa 1920
Warrensburg, Missouri

Dub's Place, West Culton Street, Warrensburg MO

Montserrat Store, Missouri

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