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January 20, 2015

April 8, 1899 Pertle Springs, Missouri Convention Foundation of Democratic Chicago Platform 1900


Fight of Missouri Democratic Factions and Its Result May Forecast National Isaacs Dave Ball Gains Over Mr. Dockery
"JEFFERSON 'CITY, April 8.-(Special) 1899
Politicians who know whereof they speak are confidently predicting that Missouri will be the battleground for the two factions of the national Democracy in 1900, as it was in 1800. They point to the Pertle Springs convention as the foundation of the Chicago platform, on which William J. Bryan made his spectacular race. It was shrewd manipulation on the part of ex-Governor Stone and his faction, which defeated the wishes of ex-Governor Francis and the Cleveland wing of the state Democracy and made possible the Pertle Springs convention and the unequivocal declaration for the free coinage of silver at the ratio of 1G to 1. This convention came at the crisis of the party. The South was wavering between loyalty to her favorite son, Carlisle, and allegiance to the silver tradition. It was tho Pertle Springs convention which decided the course of the South. The tide was started, which Bryan took at its flood.
Politicians are wondering whether Francis and Seibert will be able to do for Gorman, or the man whom the Maryland strategist may select, what Stone and Cook and Dave Ball did for Bryan. This is the issue which is even now confronting Missouri politics. The election of "Dockery or Dave Ball to the governorship is a matter of very small moment compared with the return of conservatism and the repudiation by the Missouri Democracy of the wild spirit of radicalism which has swept the party."

If Dockery shall be elected governor and If Missouri should send a delegation to the next national convention favorable to Gorman's plan for a. unification of all faction of the Democrat party, then Francis becomes a national figure in politics and the recognized Democratic leader In Missouri. Stone's Eyes Are Open. It Is a shrewd game that Francis and Seibert are playing. Selbert and Dockery are the middlemen who are to reconcile Francis and the radical element. Stone is, well aw are of every move that ls being made. He knows that national stakes are being played for, and for this reason he is so Interested in the gubernatorial contest,' "and for this reason he has declared for any man rather than Dockery. It is this complicated situation which makes David Ball, of Pike County, not only a possibility but a probability for governor. 
Stone sees that his own future political career depends upon the fostering of radicalism In the. party. It would never do for Francis and the conservatives to regain their hold. Now Dave Ball is the very epitome of radicalism. He ls a thorough fighter, who 'does not use soft words to turn away wrath. He refers to the present Democratic occupants of the capital as rascals and barnacles. His platform is "clean the dam' gang out." He is what you call "a plain man." He was also first in the cause of free silver. Even before the Pertle Springs convention. Ball had declared at a public gathering in Kansas City that If the Democratic party did not pronounce for silver he would leave the party. He thus appeals strongly to the silver contingent and Stone insists that this element is still in the majority in the Democratic party of Missouri. The opponents of Dockery are coming out openly now with the charge that he is at heart a "goldbug," and stood on the Chicago platform "merely for political purposes.- Stone takes this view when he allows himself to express an opinion. Recently Stone asked a North county politicians whom he was for for governor. "I'm against Dockery the same as you,"
was the reply "But In order to be against anyone you must be for some one," insisted Stone, speaking in parables. "My county Is for Dave Ball," said the man from the North.  Stone seemed satisfied. 
James R. Waddill Enters. 
Speaking of the conversation afterwards, the North Missouri politician said that he and Stone were both for James R. Waddill, of St. Louis. Stone's personal friend and his commissioner of insurance. Waddill, just at present, has little positive strength for governor, though he is a silver man and a politician of Stone's 
It is believed that Stone and his friends will ally themselves with Dave Ball's forces and then, if the latter cannot win over Dockery, Waddill will be trotted forth as a dark horse. "I am confident that Dockery will never be governor," the politician also volunteered. "Besides Selbert, he has no politician of great force back of him. And
Selbert has been losing out right regular ever since he forced Ward on the house as speaker. That was Seibert's great mistake. The people recognize it as such and now that the fallibility of Selbert has been discovered there are many who think his political course is run.
"Of course, Selbert is for Dockery for reasons personal to himself. He wants to be excise commissioner of St. Louis. The legislature is just about to knock this princely salary into a cocked hat, if Dockery's friends in the senate do not prevent It Selbert. in that case, might be, converted to -another standard. That is what Ball's friends are trying to accomplish. "By the way."the house is for Ball, and so are a majority of the clerical force. All this talk of Dockery having a walkaway may sound mighty fine in Washington, but it don't go in Missouri. They'll have to show us the votes.
"The people are getting onto the Franics-Seibert-Dockery deal. The country press ls getting onto it. although Dockery did try to buy most of the country papers for the weekly subscription price. 
Seibert's Smooth Tactics.
"Seibert Is mighty smooth, though, See how he manages to keep in both with the, 'Ins' and the 'outs.' There is no doubt that Seibert is a 'goldbug at heart and is with the corporations, just like Francis and Dockery. and jet he has kept his place while the free silver sentiment captured the state Democratic machine." The fact that Selbert Is turning to Francis may be misinterpreted as a sign that me times are changing. Francis is trying to call the turn with Dockery. Croker is already counseling a return to conservatism. The New York Tammany is organized for anti-sliver and expansion. Illinois has seen the last of Altgel & T Carter, Harrison
is ready to swing Illinois to Croker and Gorman. Tho manipulators of the new Democracy look "to Francis In Missouri. No one who heard the after-dinner talk of Francis at the world's fair banquet in St Louis can doubt that he is an expansionist. No one doubts his views on the money question. To prevent the alliance of Missouri and Illinois with the Democracy of the East, Stone is working as feverishly. Bryan will speak to the legislators Monday to arose the old time silver sentiment. If his speech takes. well. It will be Dave Ball and not Alexander Dockery who will profit there by battle for control between the two factions of the Missouri Democracy Is on.

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