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March 7, 2015

1837 First Hotel Opens In Warrensburg and the Other After

The first hotel (Inn) in Warrensburg was built in 1837 by Young E. W. Berry. It was located on the north side of the public square in Old Town and was a small log house of six or seven rooms. He sold it in 1840 to John Mayes, and he in 1842 sold to Joseph McLeary, and he in 1856 to John D. Smith. Smith improved it and called it the Mansion House. At the breaking out of the war. Smith died and the hotel was closed.
NameYoung E. W. Berry
Birth16 JAN 1814, Lafayette Co. Missouri
Marriage31 DEC 1835 to Jane Warnick
Death5 AUG 1843 Sunset Hill Cemetery, Warrensburg
1869 Old Town on the Hill, Warrensburg, MO
Bird's Eye View Map Library of Congress
Old Town 1869 Warrensburg, MO Bird's Eye View Map by A. Ruger,
Courthouse Square
The second hotel, also log, was opened in 1841 by Zacariah T. Davis on the southeast side of the public square. Davis ran the place for about six or seven years, when he sold it to Y. H. Anderson, who afterward rented it to Daniel Rentch. Anderson finally sold it to Thomas Ingle, who kept hotel here during the war, and was succeeded by Col. J. D. Eads. In 1876 he sold it to the Germania Club.

The third hotel was built by James Bolton (Bolton House) in 1857 on the south side of the public square in Old Town. In 1861, it was taken by the soldiers and used for a hospital and guard house all during the war. It practically marked the end of the hotel business in Old Town.

James Douglas Eads, Bolton House, Eads House, Warrensburg, MO

The first hotel in New Town was in 1865, when the Redford House was built south of the Missouri Pacific railroad depot. This was destroyed by fire in 1868 and the Simmons Hotel was built on its site. This was finally bought by Mr. J. N. Christopher and converted into the town's first school dormitory, the Young Women's Christian Association building, and is successfully running now. (Then became the Martin Hotel)
Site of the Redford House (it burned down in 1868 then the Simmons House was built, name changed to the YWCA becoming the first women's dormitory in town, then it was the Commercial Hotel and then later the Martin Hotel.  
Commercial Hotel - Martin Hotel, on left, Warrensburg, MO

Missouri Pacific Depot,Warrensburg, MO
Commercial Hotel - Martin Hotel in the background
Missouri Pacific Depot,Warrensburg, MO
Commercial Hotel - Martin Hotel in the background
In 1870, a building at the southeast corner of Holden and Culton streets was erected for the Cumberland Presbyterian church. In 1875, it was bought by A. W. Ridings & Company and enlarged for a hotel. A little later it was bought by Mrs. J. D. Eads, and became for many years the Eads Hotel and only recently was replaced by Cohn's store. It later became the St. Cloud Hotel
St. Cloud Hotel, SE Corner of Holden and Culton Street,
 Old Woolworth's, Sharing Center Today Warrensburg, MO
and owned by W. H. Hartman. (Woolworth's was here, then the Trails Regional Library).
Hotel Estes

Estes Hotel, Warrensburg, Missouri
Just Below Hotel Estes - Culp Elevator Mills, Warrensburg, MO

Estes Hotel, Warrensburg, Missouri

 Estes Hotel, Warrensburg, Missouri (on right

 Estes Hotel, Warrensburg, Missouri

Estes Hotel, Warrensburg, Missouri

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