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December 12, 2015

1862 December 4 Over 300 Horses and Mules Stolen by Thieves Warrensburg Civil War

WHO RULES IN JOHNSON COUNTY. Warrensburg, Mo., December 4, 1862. 
Major Mullen, Provost Marshal. Sedalia, Mo. 
Sir : Our county has been infested for the last six months with a most daring band of horse thieves, who have stolen not less than three hundred mules and horses, which have been taken to Booneville, Mo., and to Sedalia, and sold to horse buyers. The plan adopted by this band of thieves is this: 
They bring the stolen property within two or three miles of your lines, and then take the buyers out to where the stock is and sell it to them. There is a large number of the E. M. M. belonging to Capt. Wm. L. Houts' company, of Johnson county, E. M. M. There is, likewise, a man by the name of Miller, belonging to Col. Phillips' regiment, 7th M. S. M., who is here now on furlough. These men are doing a large business, and it is believed that Capt. Houts, Lieut. John Buckman, and Lieut. Wm. Pace, are equally guilty with the men. I hope you will do all in your power to help us to ferret out and arrest this band of thieves. No property in the shape of horses or mules are safe while these men are permitted to roam over the county at night, as is the case at present. These outrages have become intolerable, and we have to look to you for protection, and I hope you will leave nothing undone to bring tho guilty parties to justice. As I am a stranger to you, I refer you to Richard Gentry, of your county, as to who I am. You will please regard this letter as strictly confidential, only for yourself to see. 
I am, very respectfully, your ob'dt serv't, 

Capt. Co. M, 1st Cav., 
M. S. M. Auditor's Office, State of Iowa,  Des Moines. 

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