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January 5, 2016

1974 Warrensburg High School Football Team

Thursday, November 15, 1973
Warrensburg High School Football Team
1974, Missouri
Bob Forbush, Terry Hampton, Craig Hibdon, Rick Hudson, Steve Weigand, Mike Laursen, Mark Slattery, Jerry Jennings, Mark Shepard.  Pat Clarida, Jerry Swisher, David Jackson, Steve Markley, Skipper Jones, Jim Morehead, Harley Benz, Greg Mehas, Tom Goth, William Edmiston, Randy Droege, John Carter, Mark Bailey, Mike Whitman, Eddie Russell, Mike Semonisck, Mickey Arnold, Scott Peterman, John Collins, Jim Skidmore, Chris Jones.  Darrel Shaw, Gary Carter, Chris Johnson, Sebring White, Bob Cox, Ray Lawson, Gary Buckles, Dale Bayless, Larry Brandt, Bill Messer. John Skidmore, Tim Morehead, Tim Reed, David Coker, Scott Barbee, Gary Saucy.
Coach George Arnold and Staff
Larry Downey, Martin Bowie, Larry Kratz
WHS Tigers Football 1974
1974 Varsity Cheerleaders Nancy Long, Debbie Gaines, Debby Boone, Janet Ulrich, Linda Fitterling, Caryl Jones
This year's Warrensburg team will have an added look as George Arnold has taken over the helm from the departed Jim Dahman. Coach Arnold had been an assistant under the former head coach. Arnold was introduced to the up and downs of coaching right off the bat. The Tigers were simply murdered by the loss of lettermen and Coach Arnold welcomed back only four lettermen from last year's squad. Then their multi-talented quarterback Mike Laursen was injured in a car accident. Laursen has, of late, found his magic throwing touch and the Tigers are on the move. Laursen threw for 355 yards as he completed 19 out of 38 passes in the 48-18 loss to the Hornets last year. Warrensburg found the going rough as the Tigers had to turn to a young and unexperienced rushing game due to the injury attained by Laursen. 
The Tigers dropped the first four games of the season, and then behind All-Conference Laursen began to jell. Warrensburg tied Knob Noster 6-6, and then won three out of the last four games to run their record to 3-4-2 with the Chillicothe game remaining. 
Probable Starting Lineups Chillicothe Offense Greg Switzer, Sr. Dave Ginther, Sr. Ron Neely, Sr. Ben Willard, Sr. Eugene Melte, Sr. Doug Gutshall, Sr. Troy Cranmer, Sr. Mickey Putnam. Jr Steve Coult, Sr., Jon Gilstrap, Jr. Jim Lionberger. Chillicothe Defense Jim Lionberger, Sr. Dave Saale, Jr. Tim Way, Jr. Doug Gutshall, Sr. Craig Meyers, Jr. Dave Ginther, Sr. Ron Neely, Sr. Troy Cranmer, Sr. 4- Steve Coult, Sr. Ben Willard, Sr. Ron Keith, Soph 
Warrensburg Offense Player Mike Laursen, Sr. Terry Hampton, Sr. Rick Hudson, Sr. Jim Morehead, Jr. Tom Goth, Jr. T Chris Johnson, Jr. Gary Buckles, Soph. Ray Lawson, Sr. Greg Mehas, Jr. Steve Weigand Sr Mark Leach, Sr. 
Warrensburg Defense Pat Clarida, Sr. Craig Hibdon, Sr. Dusty Hamilton, Jr. Sebring White, Soph. Steve Markley, Jr. Mike Laursen, Sr. Greg Mehas, Jr. Jim Morehead, Jr. Jerry Swisher, Jr. Dave Coker, Soph. Bob Forbush, SR. As mentioned in the above, Laursen is the backbone of the Tigers offensive movement. Laursen, a 6-3, 205-pound signal caller is considered by many as a top college prospect. Laursen is passing at a 45 per cent clip and has struck for seven touchdowns and 400 plus yards and is a bullish runner when the situation calls for it. Halfback Terry Hampton has come into his own after a shaky start as the 5-6, 145-pound speedster has rolled up 100 plus yards in the last five ball games. Tom Goth and Mark Leach complement the passing game as the two offensive ends are capable receivers with glue type hands. But when you get right down to the nitty-gritty, Coach Laursen will tell you defense is the name of the game and the Tigers of late are displaying a top notch defensive unit. The Tigers defensive stalwarts have allowed 24 points per game but several of the scores have been by opposing defenses. 
The game will feature the best group of linebackers around as the Tigers are led by Laursen, Greg Mehas, and Jim Morehead. The Hornets will counter with Troy Cranmer, Steve Coult and Ron Neely. In the defensive secondary, the Tigers are led by Bob Forbush, a 5-4,135-pound pass snatcher. Forbush has stolen the pigskin six times this year, and once he gets into the clear — watch out. Asked about the upcoming game with the Hornets Coach Arnold said, "To be a top notch football team, I feel you have to play the very best and the Hornets are a constant power year in and year out." He continued by saying "We enjoy playing quality". "Our kids are beginning to mature and I hope we can move the ball on the ground in order to open up our passing game," said Coach Arnold. "The Hornets do the same things every year but you can't stop perfection," stated the head coach. I have a lot of respect for Coach Bob Fairchild and I hope we can give them a tough football game." Fairchild said tomorrow night's game is just as big as last week's game or the previous one. "Our kids have a chance for a 7-2 season and a seventh straight victory, but they will have to play heads up football." He continued by saying that the squad learned a quick lesson last week by giving up a quick touchdown to Trenton and having four fumbles in the game. "If we don't go down to Warrensburg in the right frame of mind, we will come home with a loss." He said that Warrensburg is a big team and has an excellent passer and receiver. The Tigers are unbeaten in their last four games after getting off to a real slow start. "We won't have an easy game and the coaching staff hopes the squad is going into the game with that same thought," Fairchild commented. The only question mark for Chillicothe tomorrow night is Tim Way, who saw no action last week against Trenton because of an injury. Fairchild said if Way isn't able to play, junior James Littrell will open at linebacker. With the conference championship won and the playoff opportunity now gone, one might think the Hornets would be down for this game, but Fairchild won't buy that. "I think they want this one just as bad as any other game this season and if we play the ball we are capable of playing we should win." Game time at the Warrensburg High School field is 7:30 tomorrow night.
Mark Leach, Receiver for Warrensburg against Chillicothe, MO 1974
Greg Mehas kicks the extra point, Warrensburg High School Football
Warrensburg High School Homecoming 1974
Robin Pierceall, Jo Koenig, Caryl Jones Queen, Jane Rowland, Cindy Ridgway
Mike Laursen, Warrensburg High School Tigers Quarterback

Terry Hampton, running back, WHS Tigers 1974 Warrensburg, MO
All Conference QB Mike Laursen
and OLB

Sr. Council WHS Warrensburg High School 1974
Cynde Warnken, Nancy Long, Vivian Smith, Linda Bales, Steve Weigand,
Craig Hibdon, Mark Leach, Greg Carter
Pep Club 1974 WHS
Sue James, Ann Mills, Shirlene Jenkins, Patti Fantz (front)
1974 WHS Marching Band - Concert Band
Mary Jane Savery, Vickie Phenix, Dana Bushmeyer, Becky Markley, Carolyn Alexander, Karl Ness, Brenda Evans, Janet Ulrich, Pam Holthoefer, Debbie Cross, Patrica Morris, Cheryl Johnson, Jane Rowland, Robin Jones, Theresa Gallop, Terry Black, Bruce Castle, Anne Mills, Patti Fantz, Linda Crawford, Debbie Miller, Sherry Lindsey, Debby Rice, Anthony Bird, Sue James, Paula Larson, Bettie Jennings, Jeannette Postlethwait, Doreen Hamilton, Cindy Smith, Christine Gaymer, John Skidmore, Stanley Duvall, Reid, Robert Thomas, Richard Denman, Lori Thurman, Dennis Alexander, Eric Postlethwait, Joe Albrecht, David Coker, Mitch Hopping, Phil Hawn, Gary Carter, Barbara Mills, Mike Semonisck, Tim Holmes, Alan Eichelberger, David Saunders, Steve Markley.

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