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February 11, 2016

1866 Christmas Day Murder at Warrensburg by A. Brannon

Murder at Warrensburg, MO. Christmas Day 1866.

One of the most shocking murders we have heard of for some time occurred at Warrensburg last Tuesday the 25th. The circumstances we learn are as follows.

A man by the name of A. Brannon carried off a lot of goods the night of the fire and secreted them in his house. When he put the goods away he told his wife not to tell any one who brought them there. The house was searched after the fire and the goods found. The wife being questioned as to how the goods came there, answered her husband brought them the night previous. This occurred in the forenoon, and the absence of her husband. When he returned and found out what had happened, he procured and axe and murdered her by sinking it into her head in several places.
very early, Civil War vintage tool, antique broad axe Hall & Son 1860
typical civil war axe
 The deceased was found in the afternoon by two little children (her own) crying over the corpse. Brannon was arrested immediately.

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