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July 31, 2016

Rixon Reed, b. 1951 Warrensburg, MO Founder of Photoeye Sante Fe NM

Rixon Reed, Born 1951,Warrensburg, MO

Rixon Reed is the founder and director of photo-eye and Art Photo Index. After graduating from the University of Arkansas, he attended NYU film school and later worked for Lee Witkin managing the Witkin Gallery photobook department in New York in the mid-1970s. Reed started photo-eye in Austin, Texas in 1979 as a mailorder book business and issued the first photo-eye Booklist – at the time, one of the very few ways you could buy a curated selection of photobooks via mail. The photo-eye Booklist became a widely read catalogue of the best photobooks published. Today, photo-eye Gallery is located in Santa Fe’s Railyard Arts District showing acclaimed contemporary photographers along with emerging artists. In a separate location, photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space showcases the best in photobooks while exhibiting book-related projects. In 2013, Reed created to help curators, gallerists, publishers and other photo professionals discover new work by emerging talent. Art Photo Index is a resource and search engine of nearly 37,000 works by over 3700 photographers from 90 countries. photoeye

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