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September 9, 2016

1862 September 7 Skirmish on Clear Fork 4 Rebels Killed

SEPTEMBER 7 1862.—Skirmish on Clear Fork, near Warrensburg, Mo. Report of Capt. W. L. Houts, Battalion Loyal Militia of Missouri. HEADQUARTERS, Warrensburg, Mo., September 27, 1862. 
SIR : I have the honor to report an engagement between a portion of my command and a band of rebels 12 miles southeast of Warrensburg, on Clear Fork: On receipt of information that there was a band of rebels in that vicinity I sent Lieutenant Brockman, with 40 men, to attack them. He succeeded in finding them, but not until they had fired a volley from ambush, as usual. A brisk fight ensued for some fifteen minutes, resulting in the killing of 4 rebels and several wounded. Our loss in men none and have no other casualties. Although our men fought in open ground, and the rebels, under cover of the brush, numbering 70 men, they were driven from the field and completely routed. I cannot refrain from mentioning with what saga, city and bravery Lieutenant Brockman performed his part. 
Very respectfully, 
Captain, Comdg. Battalion Loyal Militia, Warrensburg, Mo. 
Brigadier-General LOAN. 

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