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October 20, 2013

August 8, 1914 Don't Need Saloon Money, Warrensburg, Missouri Wets vs. Dry

Warrensburg Women Give Monster Entertainment to Raise Funds for Paving Around School. The women of Warrensburg held a monster entertainment on the campus of tho state normal school recently,' which was attended by 3.000 people.) From the proceeds ot this entertainment sufficient funds were raised to complete the street paving surrounding the school last winter Warrensburg held a local option election, after being "dry"for four years. One of the strongest arguments used by the "wets" was that Warrensburg was without money to Improve her streets and in the appropriation of $12,000 made by the last legislature to pave the streets surrounding the normal school would revert to the state because the city was not financially able to do its part of tho paving. During the local option campaign women signed a petition asking the men to vote to keep tho city dry. The town voted dry by an Increased majority and the wets retaliated by declaring they would vote no more money for street improvement. It was then that the women leaders of the dry campaign called to their followers to raise the funds necessary to pave around the school. Each of the 1,400 women were asked to contribute $1. More than $1,000 was raised In this way.

Oklahoma Saloon around 1900

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