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July 21, 2015

WHS Class of 1965 - 50 year High School Reunion, July 25, 2015 All School Reunion - September 25, 2015

Class of '65    
50 Year Reunion

July 25, 2015
In front of the old Warrensburg High School
Reunion Contacts:  Connie Baldwin, (660) 747-3789 or
Roger Baldwin

The Warrensburg High School graduating class of 1965 held their 50-year reunion beginning at 5:30 p.m., Saturday, July 25, at Traditions Restaurant at Pertle Springs, 5 Par Drive.
The event began with a social hour from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner, a slide show and a short program.
Other Warrensburg High School alumni and friends of the class were invited to attend after 8 p.m.
WHS Class of 1965
Warrensburg High School Missouri

SP4 Thomas Bright, Jr.
KIA March 12, 1969
Vinh Binh Province, South Vietnam

Link To Sp4 Tommie Bright "Class of 65"

Marvin Patterson, Eddie Warnken, Donna June Clear, Phillip Stabenow, Sandra Hastings

UCM Homecoming Parade 1962 South Holden

Freshman class.....and a few others
Karen Adams
Dick Anderson
Sara Anderson
Richard Antrim
Roger Baldwin
Fran Barb
Sue Barnett
Judy Bedsaul
Shirley Beyer
Steve Blackburn
Shirley Body
Connie Bodenhamer
Judy Bondurant
Shirley Boswell
Steve Bozarth
Shirley Brant
Tommy Bright
Maryjo Brinkman
Judy Brown
Ronnie Brown
Patricia Cadorette
Mike Caldwell
Ronnie Callahan
Cheryl Christensen
Glenda Churchwell
Sharon Clausen
Donna Clear
Joyce Clear
Mark Clinton
Kevin Cochran
Marilyn Collins
Morris Collins
Janice Compton
Carrol Cook
Roberta Crandal
Keith Crumley
Gladys Cunningham
Becky Davis
Billy DeAtley
Dorothy Dempsey
Mary Dirkschneider
William Dodge
Mary Jane Eller
Veron Elsberry
Dianee Erdmann
Bob Everly
Anna Feldman
Larry Frye
Bob Furgeson
Kathryn Furtek
Barbra Gillespie
Charles Good
Kathryn Goodwin
Nancy Gray
Edith Gregg
W.L. Hall
Emil Hancock
Chester Harrison
Sandra Hastings
Bonnie Havens
Ellen Henderson
Rosanna Higgins
Dorthia Horine
Lynn Howard
Patricia Hull
Jimmy Hunt
Dallas Huxman
Ellen James
John Jennings
Charles Kanoy
Linda Kanoy
Karen Keisker
Nancy Keller
Terry Kosmiski
Tom Laursen
Gene Lawson
Lewis Lockard
Thelma Lockhart
Tony Mahon
Sammie Malone
Dean Manning
Richard Marcellus
Gary Marr
Nancy Marr
Terry Marr
Janice Martin
Harvey Maxwell
Don Medlin
Carolyn Milbourn
Doris Miller
Ina Miller
Jerry Millstead
Nancy Newkrik
Ron Parks
William Bill Parsons
Marvin Patterson
Nancy Peek
Gerald Peterling
Linda Piedt
Richard Prill
Margaret Rabel
Connie Raney
Wanda Rehkop
Michael Revels
Peggy Rice
Susan Riddle
Judy Robinson
Robert Bob Rutherford
Steve Schnakenberg
Kathryn Sherman
Larry Shinkle
Martha Shinkle
Terry Shivers
Sam Sommars
Judy South
Phillip Stabenow
Robert Stowe
Rodney Street
Joyce Stuerke
Kay Tuerke
Carolyn Swope
Ina Mae Tate
William Theiss
Charles Thompson
Donna Todd
Laura Todd
Carol Trosper
Michael Wakeman
Eddie Warnken
Gary Warren
Roberta Watson
Cindy Wegener
Jackie Wheeldon
Sharon White
James Wilckens
Sonja Williams
Timmy Williams
Donna Wilson

RIP John Ross  July 20, 2015 A friend to many..
John Albert Ross, 66, of Warrensburg, passed away on Monday, July 20, 2015, at his home. 

The Warrensburg Schools Foundation is pleased to announce the September 25, 2015 Homecoming Activities for WHS Alumni and Friends. We invite ALL WHS Alumni and their friends to join us for a fun evening supporting our current Tigers and celebrating with all WHS Tiger Alum and friends. You don't have to be a WHS Alum to attend the Burg Fest beer garden, everyone is invited to join in the fun. We hope you will help us get the word out by forwarding this email to your friends and fellow WHS Alumni.

Can't wait to see you back in the Burg!

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