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September 26, 2016

"Warrensburg Main Street" murals Unveiled!! Adrianne Gann Artist, Sept. 24th

Beautiful Warrensburg Main Street murals unveiled!
Sept 24, 2016
425 North Holden, King Surveyours Building, Across from Trails
Regional Library
WARRENSBURG — Warrensburg Main Street is proud to announce through a partnership with the University of Central Missouri the unveiling of the new interactive public art mural. The new Welcome to Historic Downtown Warrensburg mural was completed and unveiled at 10 a.m. Sept. 24, 2016 at the corner of North and Holden Streets in downtown Warrensburg. The mural depicts life in Warrensburg and highlights some of the great events that go on in the community. The public art includes three different panels, each with interactive features so that everyone can become part of the art.
Warrensburg Mural
Artist, Adrianne Gann, Warrensburg Missouri "Main Street" Visitor's Murals

Link Ganncrete Designs, Odessa, MO.
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Odessa, MO 64076

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Commissioned art, murals, graphic design, illustration/painting, fine art, logo development, marketing communications, small business marketing/branding, and more.

Warrensburg Mural Missouri Dedicated September 24, 2016

Warrensburg Mural, Missouri
Warrensburg Mural
Warrensburg Mural
Trails Regional Library
Artist in residence, Michelle Trent, is illustrating this Little Free Library at the Warrensburg branch. The artwork pays homage to Old Drum and other beloved literary dogs. The structure was designed and built by employees at the Johnson County Board of Services and Sheltered Workshop. Stop by and take a book or leave a book!
Warrensburg Mural
Nicole Gelbach Reik photos, Warrensburg Mural
UCM Basketball Team with Coach Doug Karlskint
Warrensburg Mural

Rhonda Gelbach, Warrensburg, MO

Warrensburg City Hall Murals Link
Pertle Springs Mural Warrensburg MO
Pertle Springs Mural, 1 Block South of the new Main Street Murals on Holden St
Downtown Warrensburg, Missouri Mural

Julie Turnipseed, Rhonda Gelbach, Jason Elkins
Warrensburg, MO Movers and Shakers

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