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October 17, 2016

122 East Market Street Old Johnson County Missouri Hospital Warrensburg - First Air Conditioned Operating Room West of the Mississippi

Peggy Nuckles contribution.

Old Johnson County Memorial Hospital

I showed this picture developed from the Simmon's Studio collection of negatives to a friend:

And she immediately identified it as a photo of the nursing staff at the old Johnson County Hospital on Market Street.
I don't know. I was born in that building in 1950.

And I don't recognize any of these people.

If you do, leave a message.
Kim Murphy Berry Could it be Dorothy McMeekin(5th female from the left) and too possibly Dr. Lee Cooper (on the far right)???

Sheree Box-Mieir Was there in 1955 with Carl Carter and Marsha Swisher. Fun times

Larry DesCombes I was born there in 1940.....Dr. R. Lee Cooper......and his nurse was Jessie.

Luzy Buente Powell Dr. Maxson is in the middle of the back row. He delivered 4 Buente kids at that hospital.

Sue Nuckles My guess is the men in the bottom pic are doctors or administrators of the hospital. It is taken in the lobby/waiting room. I recognize those horrible green plastic chairs in the foregraound. We spent a lot of hours there while Daddy was in the hospital.

Kaye Keth Teater I was not born there but remember going to see Dr. Maxson for my yearly school fiscals. I remember the lobby and those old chairs. Did you see they were covered in plastic, remember when people used those plastic covers on furniture. yuk!

Bob Bryant I was born there in 1945, delivered by Dr. McKinney. He was killed in a tractor roll-over accident around 1950 on the dam at Skyhaven.

Bob Goetz My two younger brothers were born there too.

Larry DesCombes However, I'm of the belief the building was a white frame structure......not the masonry building shown. Am I incorrect?

Joann Cross You are right--first begun in a large white house. . Then front added on. It was called the Warrensburg Clinic. My 2 children were born there (1953 and 1957. Dr. was also Lee Cooper.
Mark Pearce I believe it's Dr. R. Lee Cooper on the right, front row, of picture #3.
I know what he was doing on February 28th, 1957.

Kathy Keth Moore I was born there too. Dr Maxson. I think the bill was like $12.00 !!

Mary Howey
Mary Howey Born there in 1950. That's Helen White, a neighbor, behind Dorothy McMeekin. 'Mac' was my nurse when our son was born at WMMC in 1980.

Michael Wyatt
Michael Wyatt Possibly, Dr. McKinney to the right of the picture on the wall. To the right appears to be Dr. Damron and Cooper. Not sure of the other two Dr's. Great history!

Luzy Buente Powell
Luzy Buente Powell Dr. Maxson is in the middle of the back row

Keith Hix
Keith Hix Our family Dr was Dr Damron he was my Dr when my kids were first born

Ann Lossman
Ann Lossman Dr. Maxson back row middle. He was the new doc in town when he treated my mom for cervical cancer. First time treatment by inserting a radium pack for a certain time period. Then my mom drove to downtown KC for radiation treatments that summer with no  car air conditioning. Lived to be 83 and no cancer returned. Some of those nurses allowed by brother and I to see our mom. All depended who was at the front desk if we could make it up the stairs. :)
Ann Lossman Was born there. Dr.Cooper was supposed to deliver me, but he went to supper and Dr. Dameron delivered me. A day later another girl was delivered and her family moved to Texas and moved back to the area and started Leeton High. In the meantime, my family moved to the Leeton School District. We became life long friends and though we lost her a few years ago, I celebrate both birthdays as we always did.


  1. Dr. O.H. Damron to the right of the picture, and possibly Dr. McKinney on the left of the picture. Great history!

    1. Thanks mwyatt. Dr. Damron delivered me and set my arm when I broke it six years later. I should have recognized him.
  2. My grandmother, Helen Robbins-White, is the nurse third from the right in the top pic and the third nurse from the right in the bottom picture.

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