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October 26, 2016

1865 Standard Herald Newspaper Founded by N. B. Kaine

Founder of the Warrensburg Standard (Later the Standard Herald)
N. B. Klaine - Editor of the Dodge City Times, Klaine was born in Bordentown, New Jersey on February 5, 1839. He moved with his family to Rock Island, Illinois in 1851 where he lived until 1859. He then moved to St. LouisMissouri and married Julia Kinkaid, a native of Missouri, in August, 1859. Three years later, in August 1862, he enlisted in Company K of the Tenth Missouri Cavalry. Was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and commanded his company one year. He was mustered out in May, 1864 and went to Warrensburg, Missouri in 1865, where he began the publication of the Warrensburg Standard, which he continued for ten years. He also served as City Clerk of Warrensburg for a year. He represented Johnson County in the Missouri Legislature in 1869-1870. Klaine first came to Dodge City in November, 1877 and became the editor and proprietor Dodge City Times.
Michael Westerhouse Sutton Link
Michael Westernhouse Sutton - An attorney, he was born in Orange County, New York in 1848 and was raised in Tompkins County, living there until November, 1867. He then moved with his family to Johnson County, Missouri, where he followed agricultural pursuits with parents and attended school. He also began to read the law and was admitted to bar in March, 1872 at Warrensburg, Missouri. After the Civil War broke out, he enlisted in Company B, Sixth Regiment New York Heavy Artillery in February, 1863 and participated in all the battles of his command, beginning at Gettysburg and ending at the surrender of Robert E. Lee. He was mustered out August 24, 1865. He came to Kansas in May, 1872, where he settled in Wellington and practiced law until December. He then went to Medicine Lodge where he practiced private law and served as the Barber County attorney for two years. In June, 1876, when he moved to Dodge City and established the firm of Sutton & Wenie. In 1879, he married Florence E. Clemons, of Genesee County, New York and the couple would have one child. He served as Ford County Attorney for November 1, 1876 until March 1882. Sutton was an avid prohibitionist and worked against his friend Bat Masterson during the liquor war of 1886. Also, he served in the Kansas House of Representatives in 1893.

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