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March 25, 2017

Car Dealers and Gas Stations in Johnson County Missouri

Thanks Peggy Nuckles

The Hamilton Motor Company

"They called him Precious.  Precious Hamilton.  Where he got that name, I'll never know but everybody called him Precious." Buddy Baker, my resident walking Warrensburg History Book, recalled.  According to Carole Wiczynski, a relative of Mr. Hamilton, he is the furthest to the right of the men in business suits. The picture was developed from the Simmons Studio collection of negatives.  

I couldn't blow up the calendar behind them, so I have no idea when this picture was taken, but Buddy believes the car below is a Desoto from around the mid-40s. DeSoto sales at 112 East Pine Street Warrensburg.
Buddy remembers when Hamilton Motors was on East Pine street just behind where the United Missouri Bank is today.  

The Oldsmobile Rocket was in production from 1949 to 1960.

The 1948 Warrensburg phone book shows they had moved to 314 N. Holden.
They were still in the 1966 phone book, but weren't listed in 1968.
Johnston's Auto Service, 202 South Holden, Warrensburg, MO
Theordore Shock 119 West Culton St. Warrensburg, MO
Tresenriter & Sons Service 709 South Maguire, Warrensburg, MO
Ray Warnick Motors 108 Hout Street, Warrensburg, MO
Warrensburg Motor Co., 135 West Pine, Warrensburg, MO
Willys sales and service, 425 North Holden, Warrensburg, MO
Frank Boland 126 East Gay St, Warrensburg, MO
Warnick Motors 202 S. Holden
Downing Motors Leeton
Fitzwilliam Motors Inc, Sedalia
Jerry Tally Motors 113 West Culton Warrensburg
Golladay Motor Co., 105 S. Pine, Holden
Hall Motor Co., Sweet Springs
Hamilton Motor Co 314 N. Holden
Holden Auto Sales 203 S. Olive, Holden

Tip-Top Service Station, Warrensburg, MO

Johnston Motor - Pontiac, Warrensburg, MO
Arthur Johnston Motors, Warrensburg, MO
Ted Lenger - Lenger Chevrolet Warrensburg, MO
Theordore Shock Ford Dealer, Warrensburg, MO
The Theo Shock Ford Agency 1920's West Culton, Warrensburg, MO

Theo Shock Ford Agency, East Culton, Warrensburg, MO East Culton, 1940's
Skelly Service Station NW Corner of Pine at Washington, Warrensburg, MO
Grover Gillum, Byron J. Smith, Allen Breeden

Cleo Fitterling Station, Conoco, Arthur Mohler

Smarr Motor Co. Highway 50 Warrensburg, Mo. Kaiser

Theodore Shock Ford Dealer, West Culton, Warrensburg, MO

The Golladay Motor Co. and The Warrensburg Motor Co.

Warrensburg Motor Company, Courthouse Square

Gollady Motor Company, Holden, MO

Smarr Motor Co., Warrensburg, MO

Motor Service, Inc. Warrensburg, MO

Lambert Friction Drive Touring Cars to L. W. Hout, Warrensburg, MO 1912 with Dallas Corum, Ed Fitzgerl

Jerry Tally Motors, Warrensburg, Mo Originally at 113-119 West Culton

1905 Cadillac, owned by Ben Pickel, Pickerl Quarries, Warrensburg, MO
Second Car Ever Owne in Town.  Dr. W.E. Johnson, father of William Johnson
Quarry Gas Station, Warrensburg, MO

Warnsburg Oil Co., Warrensburg, Mo

Brown's Standard Oil Station, Holden at Business 50, Warrensburg, MO

Tip-Top Service Station, Part of Warrensburg Gas - Oil, Missouri

Lenger Chevrolet-Cadillac, Inc., Warrensburg, MO East Gay St.

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