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March 25, 2017

Dugan and Harry's Cafe and Texaco Station in Missouri or?

Who's Dugan and Harry?

This picture from the Simmon's Studio collection of negatives was filed under the name Bodenhamer.
But the name on the negative is Stoneking.

I ran this picture a few months ago.

And Brett Penrose identified the man as:

"Brett Penrose Lisa, my great grandfather owned the filling station on the NW corner of Gay & Holden. After looking at the photo, my mom thinks the guy in uniform might be William Ross Bodenhamer -- she says he ran the station across from her grandfather's."

Gas Station NW Corner of Gay and Holden, Warrensburg, MO 1930

So apparently the Bodenhamer's were DX people. Can anybody tell me more about this picture.  Do you know who Dugan and Harry were?
P.S.  I'm too cheap to buy a good photo editor.  I use the free online stuff.  Here's my feeble attempt to enlarge the license plate on the car.
And the Vess Cola sign on the door

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I remember Vess Cola. It was good. That's a big gas station. Two pumps and a cafe. It doesn't look like they worked on cars. But, the bathroom is in the back with the door that opens out. When we were kids, the Texaco station was located on the northeast corner of Maguire and Bus. 50 (where Taco Bell is now.) I wonder if that's where Dugan and Harry's was located.

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