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April 5, 2017

1858 Murder- Warden rushed at Baily with a a chopping-ax. Baily drew a hand spike.

Fatal Array--On last Mondays, a house raising in the neighborhood of Hardrosburg (near Windsor), in this country, a difficulty occurred between Wm Warden and Washington Baily, in which the former was killed on the spot, and the latter mortally wounded.  The facts in the Case, as related to us by one of the Coroner's Jury are as follows.  The parties had been enemies for some time, an old grudge existing between them in relation to one of the parties having entered land, upon which there was a string of fence belonging to the other.  The quarrel was renewed at the house-raising.  Warden rushed at Baily with a a chopping-ax. Baily drew a hand spike.  The parties then both dropped their weapons, and Baily turned to go. Warden seized his axe again and struck it into Baily's side.  At this instant, Baily's father struck Warden with his axe. Young Baily turned upon Warden, and seizing his hand spike struck him a blow upon the head which killed him instantly.(Warrensburg Democrat)
Birth: 1818

Missouri, USA 

Death: Sep. 4, 1858

Johnson County Missouri, USA 

William M Warden was born 1818 in Missouri. On February 2, 1843, he married Nancy Jane Boatman at the home of Urban E. and Catherine (Cockrell) Rubey, Pleasant Green, Cooper County, Samuel C. Davidson was Minister of the Gospel. William Warden was a saddler and farmer and in 1857 and 1858 recorded 500 acres of land in Johnson County. William was killed September 4, 1858 in Hardrosburg or Harrodsburg, Missouri, in what is near present day Windsor, Missouri. He was killed by Washington Bailey "in a grudge fight". An account of the incident was published in the Warrensburg Democrat on 4 September 1858. Family lore said William was killed by "bushwhackers". William died at the time of the border war of the Kansas Territory and the western towns of Missouri. Guerrilla warfare over the political issue of slave-or-free-state status had evolved into vigilantism, directed mostly at opponent individuals or families in rural areas.

William M and Nancy Jane (Boatman) Warden had the following children:
*Julius R Warden, born June 13, 1844, died March 16, 1906
*Frances Elizabeth Warden, born November 14, 1846, died March 18, 1911
*Sarah Nancy Jane Warden, born May 16, 1849, died March 4, 1919
*Larkin Henry Warden, born July 3, 1851, died July 14, 1935

*Mary Ann Warden, born March 1854, died August 21, 1904
Thomas T Warden, born January 1, 1857, died July 1, 1932

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