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April 1, 2017

1945 Bob Hope Performs at Sedalia Army Airfield (SAAF) Knob Noster, 1st Troop Carrier Command (WAFB)

The Pepsodent Show is an American radio comedy program broadcast during the Golden Age of Radio. The program starred comedian Bob Hope and his sidekick Jerry Colonna along with Blanche Stewart and Elvia Allman as high-society crazies Brenda and Cobina as well as a continuously rotating supporting cast and musicians which included, for a time, Judy Garland, Frances Langford and Desi Arnaz and his orchestra. The Pepsodent Show was one of the most listened-to programs during World War II. The Pepsodent Show was broadcast Tuesday nights at 10:00 over NBC from September 27, 1938–June 8, 1948. 

Bob Hope Broadcast from Knob Noster - Sedalia Army Airfield

 Bob Hope visited Sedalia Army Airfield 1945, Knob Noster, Missouri
1st Troop Carrier Command, Sedalia Army Airfield, Knob Noster, MO
Bob Hope, Performed at Sedalia Army Airfield 5 June 1945 (WAFB Today)
It was the also the last broadcast of the Pepsodent Show

Frances Langford and Bob Hope Performed at SAAF June 5, 1945
It was the last episode of the Peposodent Show
Warrensburg - Knob Noster Missouri
Sedalia Army Airfield SAAF

Frances Langford

July 12, 2005

Jerry Colona, Bob Hope

June 5, 1945 

Germany Borders Reset: The United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia formally strip Germany of all conquests it acquired under Nazi rule . The "Big Four" reduced the country's borders to those of which it held in 1937. They also set up a military government over the country while getting the country's unconditional surrender.
Link 1942 Start of Sedalia Army Airfield and WAFB History

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